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Re: Help with cdrecord

On Thursday 13 June 2002 23:55, Brian Dessent wrote:
> I'm having trouble with gcombust / cdrecord.  I have a Plextor 4X CDR
> on the scsi bus.  I run a test burn and it fails, probably because
> I'm trying to burn from a network (smb) share.  I'll try making the
> iso first next time.  Anyway, when it fails the drive is "locked", it
> will not eject, and cdrecord can't eject or reset the drive.  It also
> won't recognise it as a cdr anymore, it says it's a cdrom.  The only
> way I can fix it is to reboot.  How do I reset / unlock the drive?
> Brian

This could turn out to be tough. I had similar problems under Windoze 
with defect (copy-protected) media in a Plextor CD-ROM. Sometimes it 
just seemed to crash and wasn't heard from again.

Probably (but don't quote me on this), unplugging the device for some 
time could help, but I'd be hesitant do do this to a running machine.

I think Plextor drives, especially the older ones have some really bad 
problems with certain data inconsistencies. Perhaps it could help if 
you find out what firmware version your drive has. IIRC the 4x 
PlexWriter has a socketed non-flasheable firmware chip. If so and 
there's a new firmware version out, ask nicely and perhaps Plextor will 
ship you a new chip. They did so for me at no charge.

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