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Re: question about Debian

On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 04:44:41AM +0200, schnobs@babylon-kino.de wrote:
> Why is Debian a 'changing' distribution? Don't get me wrong: I got used to it, it's 
> alright for me, but: why?

It isn't.  Debian unstable and testing distributions change
constantly because that's how you develop and test software.  Debian
stable is just that: stable.  It only gets security updates and
doesn't change much except for once every couple of years when a new
stable distribution is rolled out.

> And, finally, since my fist encounter a few months ago, woody has been stable enough for 
> me. Will the 'testing' distribution always be reasonably stable, and does 'stable' 
> actually mean 'rock solid'? Or was it just my luck that I arrived at a time when woody was 
> already mature enough to be usable?

In theory, testing should always be pretty stable.  The packages have
endured a couple weeks in unstable without any major bugs showing up,
so they should be in pretty good shape, but they're not fully tested,
so there's still the possibility of them breaking something.

As for stable, yes.  It's rock solid.

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