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Re: packages available, but apt-get won't offer to install them

>>>>> "Hubert" == Hubert Chan <hubert@uhoreg.ca> writes:

Hubert> You should look through the rest of the man page to find out how
Hubert> to make it do what you want it to.  (If you want the
Hubert> quick-and-easy answer, then you shouldn't be using the
Hubert> experimental packages in the first place.)

I just want to add a note: beware of setting the entire experimental
archive to one of the standard priorities.  It contains things such as a
*very experimental* PAM package that may or may not break your system
and prevent you from logging in.  Which is why it's reasonable to have
experimental set to not automatically upgrade your packages.  When you
use experimental, you have to accept the risks, and know what you're

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