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Re: Sylpheed not displaying japanese characters properly [woody]

On 11-Jun-2002 Artur Matos wrote:
> Hi,
> My sylpheed instalation is not showing japanese email properly,
> only garbled characters. All of the other X-Windows, non-GTK
> applications seems to be showing japanese correctly.
> I`ve tried to set the option "Display 2 byte alphabet and numeric
> with 1-byte character" with no avail. I`ve also tried to set
> the LANGUAGE, LC_CTYPE and LC_ALL to ja_JP; it still doesn`t work,
> but it does show the following warning message in the prompt line:
> "Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library". I think I have
> all the relevant locale packages installed.
> Does anyone knows what could be the problem? 

/etc/locale.gen, give it a look

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