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Interesting question on nfs permissions

I have come across an interesting ( :confused: ) and difficult problem with 
an nfs mount; maybe someone has an idea.

THe basic situation is that I have one linux box (running MDK 8.2, but that's 
probably not relevant) that I have just set up as a file server, and a second 
linux box (running Debian Woody, but again prob. not relevant) that I will 
use as my workstation. 

The server exports its /home partition via both samba and nfs, so that my 
home directories are accessible across the network. To access one's files 
from the workstation, I use symlinks from /home. Thus, on the debian 
workstation, /home/nl is a symlink to /nfs/nl, and obviously the  nfs share 
from the server is mounted onto /nfs.

Here's the problem: I used mkisofs to make an iso file with some things I 
wanted to burn to a cd, and then issued the appropriate cdrecord command, 
which failed due to a permission error on the iso file to burn.

The reason is, obviously, that cdrecord is setuid root, and so the attempt to 
open the iso file on the nfs share appeared to come from root, and with 
root_squash on the nfs export, it couldn't get at the file.

My thoughts as solutions are:

1. disable root_squash for any workstation that has a cdburner and thus might 
be subject to this problem (not a great idea, although since it's my home LAN 
and only I have root passwords, I could do this).

2. make cdrecord NOT setuid root. Since I have the cd burner owned by root, 
group cdrom, and my user account has the cdrom group, I should be able to 
write to it, but I don't know if cdrecord needs setuid root for other 

3. Keep a local tmp folder, and whenever I make an iso file, just do so to 
that tmp directory, and burn the cd from there - or even just get in the 
habit of piping the output of mkisofs onto cdrecord directly.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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