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Re: this post is not off-topic

On Tuesday 04 June 2002 03:49 am, David Wright wrote:
> Well, I honestly didn't intend to just get you and ben pissed. I honestly
> believe that I am making a valid point that reflects the opinion of a
> significant fraction of the Debian community. And you just might someday
> see my name on the NM list. So I'll try this one more time with as much
> dry, boring logic as I can muster. :-)
> >  I certainly do not understand how you come to the conclusion that
> >  this  statement of mine is dishonest;
> I didn't mean that perjoratively, but I did mean it logically. There are
> two justifications for supporting many architectures on the table:
>     (1) We wanna.
>     (2) It's for the good of the users.

your logic is flawed. you assume that a majority of users is equivalent to 
the totality of users. it's that simple. 


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