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Re: Software installation question

on Mon, Jun 03, 2002, Phil (phillinux@brainlink.com) wrote:
> Software installation question
> I finally got Debian with X running on an old Compaq box.  I got a copy of 
> StarOffice (5.2) as a downloaded file and installed it by running the very 
> large file named:
> "so-5_2-ga-bin-linux-en.bin..bin"
> I was thrilled that I got my first piece of software installed, and it all 
> work when I was logged-on as root, (the logon I used to install).  My best 
> efforts couldn't get it to run as a user because StarOffice couldn't find 
> files and "register" files when trying to repair itself when starting up as 
> a user.

Did you use the /net option to install SO 5.2?

I'd strongly recommend using OO 1.x and/or release candidates.  Far
better.  And apt-getable with the right sources.


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