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Re: Kills Linux hdd's?

Frank Brodbeck wrote:
> All worked pretty
> fine and then suddenly I heard this strange sound from my harddrive.
> It twanged like the read/write header of the hdd would somehow hang.
> First of all, the system just froze for several seconds but after
> short time the system started to freeze completely after such events and
> also the frequency of these sounds increased rapidly.

Between my sister and I, we've had 3 20G disks die this way - one
quantum fireball and two seagates. She has a 20G WD drive now (fingers
crossed) and I have a 60G Maxtor. Maxtor and Quantum are the same
company now though, so I'm really hoping for my sake that they've sorted
out their reliability problems.

Previously I'd never had any drive die like this. I've got a 245Mb
Maxtor that's 8 years old and still going strong. They just don't build
them like they used to.

BTW. I am a Linux user, but my sister is strictly Windows only. This is
a hardware problem - it has nothing to do with Linux.


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