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Re: Spam mail question

hi ya noah...

> http://www.rfc-ignorant.org/policy-dsn.html for more info.  By rejecting

very true ...  but...

sometimes ... ( lots )... more often than not...
i get tons of "spams" from <>  ... which i too would like to bounce/reject

- and any email that is outgoing that bounced is usually caught within 
  hours of its bounce .. and hopefully fixed ...
	- it doesn't need to wait the 5 days woth of retries

- most people nowdays expects emails to be sent and received within
  minutes... or they generate more emails ... "did you get it yet"
  adding to the bounces and queues if there was a problem...

- bounced messages should go to a real person/postmaster ...

anyway... if one can figure ut how to reject "From: <>"... than
one could also reject those incoming emails addressed to "To: <>"

-- just another way of handling occasional bounces vs guranteed spams...
	- thers a lot more spam than there are bounces nowdays..

just my twist... donno ... i'll go back under the rock...


and for the original questions.... lots of procmail filters
	- one of um probably will have a  "From" or similar example ??

c ya

On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, Noah Meyerhans wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 02:34:01PM +0000, Paulo Henrique Baptista de
> Oliveira wrote:
> > 	How to reject mail with from like this: "<>" at a Debian
> > 	GNU/Linux box and Exim?  With procmail?
> Don't do that!  It's in violation of an RFC.  See
> http://www.rfc-ignorant.org/policy-dsn.html for more info.  By rejecting
> mail from <> you are rejecting bounces.  That will make people very
> unhappy as you'll never know if your mail system is broken.

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