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Re: Software installation

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On Saturday 03 August 2002 11:59 am, Phil wrote:
> OK let me re-phrase my question!
> How can I turn a bin package into a Debian package so that apt-get install
> to run it ??

    Greetings Phil:

No, you can not turn this into a .deb file.  This is a product of Sun, and 
they require it to be installed as they wish.  You *can* install it system 
wide with the /net arguement.  Do a quick google search on it becuase it has 
been many moons since I last used it.

Also, be advised that SO5.2 is no longer supported after the release of SO6 
last month.  It is no longer free cost software.

OpenOffice is free of cost, and as far as I can tell, free code.  There are 
debs now available for installing it via apt-get.  I'll paste the url's below 
for you to include in your apt source.lists file.  I haven't tested any of 
them for about a month.  You can learn more about them via the archives at:  
OpenOffice is a free version of Sun's Star Office 6.

#for OpenOffice debs
#deb http://apt-proxy.sourceforge.net/openoffice unstable main contrib
#deb-src http://apt-proxy.sourceforge.net/openoffice unstable main contrib

Good luck to you.

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