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Re: mplayer

>    I do not have nothing in LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable. The MPlayer is
>    very, very good! The only video program, that is free,
> and i can see my videos (.mpg, .asf, .avi)... just fine! I want just a
> nice gui... if you know about another one.... Thanks!

I am very happy with the unofficial mplayer debs from marillat. just add
the following lines to your sources.list

deb http://marillat.free.fr/ testing main
deb http://mplayer.nmeos.net/ testing/

and apt-get install mplayer-686 (for pentium 2 or higher)
he also has debs for flash-plugin (apt-get install flashplayer-mozilla)
just my 2 cents,


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