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Woody install on old PC

I salvaged an old PC166 (48 Mb ram, 6 Gb hd) from the trash bin, and
plan to use it as a server in a home network. I started the install with
an unofficial woody disk. Several anticipated issues  with old BIOS (in
this case 1994 AMI BIOS AP5C R1.4) are problems with large partitions,
and the fact that cds are not bootable.

I thought I could work around this by making rescue and root diskettes,
booting, then installing off the cd (This wasn't ever a problem with
another older machine that I have, and would get me far enough along to
dial out with a modem).
I have 2 problems:
1. When inserting the root diskette, the cd-rom is detected as hdc. I
can't install from it, even if I use the 4 install floppies I still
can't work with it. I've tried going to the shell and editing /etc/fstab
to include the cdrom (after using the 4 boot floppies), and I still
cannot mount it (The cd-rom ran fine before I formatted over Windows).
I've also tried when with the rescue doing "linux cdrom=/dev/hdc" but it
still does not mount the cdrom. Any hints? The install floppies work
fine to a point but then I need to insert the driver files and I'm

2.I've tried partitioning hda (several partitions, with a 15 mb boot
partition at the beginning, swap, and / as primaries, and /var /home and
the others as separate logical partitions). I can't seem to install lilo
to the 15 mb boot partition, even though it is at the beginning (hda1). 

I guess that one solution would be to install on one pc, then yank the
hard drive and put it on the other. Linux is the only OS on this
Thanks for the hints,

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