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Re: exim's header rewrite

> The proper place to achieve that is in your Mail User Agent (MUA,
> e.g. mutt) and not in your Mail Delivery Agent (MDA, e.g. exim)
> simply because your MDA doesn't know to what mail you're replying.
> You need to sort the incomming mail into seperate folders and then
> use mutt's mailbox-hook feature to set the From header depending
> on the mailbox.

ok. thanks, for pointing that

> On the other hand if your email adress solely depends on the adressee
> (the (Envelop-)To/Cc/Bcc header(s)) then you might achieve what you
> want with exim's Transport specific rewrite rules. You need the
> condition option of the Router's to distinguish the different cases,
> and test on all relevant headers ((envelop-)To, [B]Cc, maybe more)
> Or you could try to make the result of exim's generic rewrite rules
> depend on the addressee.  This is more complicated then it seems as
> you might have to dig to find the right rewrite triggering header.
> Or you could use exim's powerfull transport_filter Transport option,
> and use a home grown Perl/Python script to alter what ever.
> Personally, I would advice to investigate the first and look into
> Mutt's mailbox-hooks.

do you have an example?

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