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Re: plptools & the Revo/(Diamond Mako)

On Fri, 17 May 2002, Brian wrote:

> Has anyone used plptools, (p3nfsd and/or ncpd) to mount their Psion Revo 
> to their Linux box via the serial cable?

	Yea, they work fine, for the most part. I used plptools-0.10
(forgot where I downloaded it from at the moment), built and installed it
according to the directions. 
	I then put my Revo's docking cradle on /dev/ttyS0, and created the
/mnt/psion directory. Then, the first time I ran '/usr/local/bin/plpnfsd',
followed by '/usr/local/sbin/ncpd -d &' each time I stick the Revo into
the cradle. Apparently ncpd is supposed to be able to handle the Revo
being removed and inserted, but it always segfaults on me when I try. So I
just run ncpd each time I stick the Revo in the cradle, and after a few
seconds I can access its files via /mnt/psion without a problem.
	I use rsync to backup the Revo to a directory on my computer's HD,
which on an average day only takes a few minutes. Something like 'rsync
-av --delete /mnt/psion/C:/ /home/.../revo/' works great.
	My computer is running stock potato with a 2.2.19 kernel, so it is
pretty plain and boring. Here is what 'mount' has to say after running

$ mount
localhost:/psion on /mnt/psion type nfs (hard,intr)

> Do I need to transfer a file to the Revo first?  I tried the
> nfsc5.opl, but the Psion reads it as a text file.  The compiled
> version is not recognized either.  What are the steps to connecting
> the Psion to Linux?

	I never had to upload anything to the Revo to make the above
work. I only configured the Revo to communicate via the 'Cable' link at
115200, and enabled the link. Then it was just plug-n-play. :)

> I tried 'p3nfsd' and it just hangs.  Any utilities associated with
> checking all mounted filesystems take a long time or hang, e.g.,
> 'df'--even if ncpd and p3nfsd aren't running.  My psion is plugged
> into my computer.

	I have never tried p3nfsd, must be a different version/fork of the
tools that I am using. My recommendation would be try plptools-0.10 and
see if they work for you.

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