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Re: problem with my TVcard under woody

Hi! Not a bttv guru, but I used to use it
(but nowadays it crashes my system, so not using it at the moment)
You wrote:
> I have compiled my kernel 2.4.18 with bttv support and have the following 
> /etc/modutils/actions:
> post-install bttv
> /sbin/modprobe "-k" tuner
> options bttv pll=1 radio=1 card=54
> options tuner type=5
> But when I run scantv it say that the tuner type not set.
> What do I wrong?
 I can't say for sure, but: In my setup from Debian/potato, modutils
 had those details in /etc/modutils/video, and did

 pre-install bttv modprobe -k tuner

 Note the main difference (apart from syntax, filename, etc) is
 that it is installing the "tuner" module *before* it installs
 bttv. My system also doesn't give the options, but it detects them
 correctly. Perhaps those options are needed on your machine, you
 know your system better than me (and again, I'm not a bttv guru).
 Note that if you do change the setup to use pre-install, you
 should not have it use "post-install" as well, or that would make
 your machine try to load the tuner module twice, and it'll get upset.

 AFAIK, it makes no difference whether the lines are in
 /etc/modutils/actions or /etc/modutils/video, but you should
 know that changes to those files are only updated into /etc/modules.conf
 when you run update-modules (in case you didn't know).
 Hope this might be of some help.

> -- 
> have a lot of imbecility!
 Er, thank you! :)

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