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Re: Debian ports [was: Re: Weirdness in "apt-get upgrade"]

Brian Nelson wrote:
> Well, I'm not a dev and I could be wrong, but I seem to remember lots
> and lots of RC bugs a few months ago were due to packages failing to
> build on hppa.  Looking at the old RC bug reports, this appears to be
> true.  Since all of those bugs had to be fixed, I can only assume it
> took quite a lot of time and delayed the release.

No really, the release has been delayed for very hard release critical
bugs that affected all artchitectures, for problems in the installation
system, for waiting for crypto in main, but never because we had some
trivial gcc 3.0 compile problem on hppa or ia64. The closest all the
ports have come to holding up the release is this month, when we had to
delay it until we can roll out a security infrastructure on all the

see shy jo

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