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Re: inserting carriage return characters

> useful information. i was torn about responding, reluctant to accommodate the
> devil's formats, revelling in the fact that whenever i have to deal with him,
> i get to name the price. the quality of the sysutils package is yet another 
> reason to appreciate gnu/linux. i'd only ever used it for memtest. a couple 
> of years back, in a semi-drunken discussion on the merits of *nix/linux, i 
> made a claim that there was nothing the devil could do that *nix/linux 
> couldn't undo. more ammo. thanks, sean.

as I have learned in life, sometimes morality takes a back seat to paying rent.
It hurts, you fight it, and the strong leave it behind.  But sometimes, you do
what you have to in order to survive.

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