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Re: Debian take on UnitedLinux?

Ron Johnson wrote:
> I also see a lot of "<foo bar> not part of debian base install.
> No problem."  To my untrained eye, that looks like a dodge

No, it's a recognition of a crummy test suite. The lsb does not itself
mention, eg, /etc/gettydefs -- which cannot be a part of debian since
the gettyps package that contains it is non-free. The test suite
however, tests against the entire FHS, which includes a statement to the
effect of, "gettydefs, if it exists, must be in /etc". Nowhere does it
mandate that this non-free part of software be part of a FHS compliant
or a LSB compliant system. In all such cases, I looked at the packages
and made sure they installed the file into the right place, and then put
in one of those comments.

see shy jo

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