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Re: Q: How to find people with Debian skills

On Wednesday 29 May 2002 06:04 pm, dman wrote:
> On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 05:04:03PM -0700, ben wrote:
> | On Wednesday 29 May 2002 04:45 pm, Andrew Sweger wrote:
> | > I need to locate individuals in the Irvine, California area with Debian
> | > skills for hire. Is this an appropriate forum to seek such folk? (I
> | > don't want to be accused of advertising.) Any objection to posting
> | > details about what I need? Or is there another more appropriate place
> | > to do this?
> |
> | no objection from me. feel free.
> I like to know about jobs relating to the good software :-).  Though I
> agree with some others that frequent postings of this nature would be
> overwhelming (especially considering the volume of the list).
> What if debian.org added a "jobs" section where people can post their
> interest (employers and employee-wannabes)?  Any volunteers for
> setting this up?

a debian-jobs list would be a good idea, but restricted to jobs available, to 
which responses could be made off-list (who would want to wade through a 
mountain of resumes?). then any posters such as the one above would have a 
resource. the idea of a blanket discouragement of such postings seems almost 
like a contradiction of the social contract and hardly a fitting welcome to 
those firms and employers who are attempting to do something that we should 


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