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Re: Using dselect with 1.44 floppies

On Fri, May 24, 2002 at 09:41:52AM +0100, Paul Hewson wrote:

> I can split and cat the few big files manually and put them on the HDD, and 
> try dpkg - i on them but this gives dependency problems.   Do I just force my 
> way through these and sort the dependencies out in dselect later, or is there 
> an old way of getting dselect to cope with split floppies?

Does this machine have network access?  If so, install apt (if it's not
already) and change your dselect method to apt.

You can also use apt on the command line, as in 
apt-get install <packagename>.  When you do this, apt will go forth and
download the package and anything it depends on (and anything they
depend on, etc) and install them.

Having done the floppy shuffle when I was new to Debian, I highly
recommend you try this method.

If you're stuck doing the floppy shuffle, check out the split command. 
You can reattach split files with cp file1+file2... filename.


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