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Re: mounting audio CD

On Mon, May 20, 2002 at 12:53:58PM -0700, Jeff wrote:
> Paul Fischer, 2002-May-20 21:23 +0200:
> You can't mount an audio cd.  AFAIK it doesn't have a typical
> data-style filesystem.  You can only read from it using an application
> designed for it, such as a cd-player or a music ripping program.

Using cdfs (http://www.elis.rug.ac.be/~ronsse/cdfs), you actually even
can mount audio-cds / video cds, for example to simply copy out the
audio tracks of an audio cd directly as wav files. It's not part of the
regular kernel distribution nor of the standard Debian package, anyhow,
but an interesting thing to know and a neat toy to have, also for
recovering 'lost' data sessions on cd. *g*


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