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cfingerd always hangs


I installed cfingerd 1.4.3-1.1 on a Woody system and opened port
79 in my firewall. I'm trying to finger myself from another host
that's also behind a firewall. The messages I get in daemon.log look
like this:

May 17 12:41:20 fiedlerfamily cfingerd[5616]: connect from
May 17 12:44:29 fiedlerfamily cfingerd[5616]: rfc1413-connect:
Connection timed
May 17 12:44:29 fiedlerfamily cfingerd[5616]: juergen fingered from

I don't get anything back. Also note the long interval between the
original request and the realisation that the other machine is not
going to come across with a response. I replaced '-ALLOW_NONIDENT_ACCESS' 
with '+ALLOW_NONIDENT_ACCESS' in cfingerd.conf, but it didn't help.

I'm hitting my head against the wall here. Why does it look like it's
insisting on an ident respons when I told it not to? Is there anything
else I have to change?

Also, I wonder whether someone could try to finger
juergen@fiedlerfamily.net to see whether the problem is specific to 
this particular host. I would appreciate it.



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