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Re: 'cannot locate module ip_tables': iptables 1.2.6a; debian unstable; custom kernel 2.4.18;

* lists (lists@ylayali.net) [020514 15:58]:
> using the ncurses
> # make menuconfig
> from the kernel source directory,
> Networking Options ->
> [*] Network packet filtering (replaces ipchains)
> is checked. That's the one that looks like the one I want. and it 
> doesn't allow module installation, as far as I can tell, making the 
> above error messages incomprehensible to me.

More specifically, you need CONFIG_IP_NF_IPTABLES . In the ncurses
menuconfig, there are a number of options in a sub-menu (Netfilter
Configuration). Make sure you have it selected from there. There are
also a number of other options there that will probably be of interest
(namely CONNTRACK, and some others).

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