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usb permissions + export display

Hello everybody !

I'm new to Debian but not (quite!) to Linux.
I used to run RedHat, and today I'm under Woody. I have to little
problems that I never had to deal with under RH:

1. When I plug my didgital usb camera, I can only access it under root,
not as a regular user. I know this is because /proc/bus/usb/000/...
entries are accessible only by root, and I can't change it since as soon
as I re-plug my camera, the permissions are back only for root. Someone
mentionned the hotplug package (right now, I'm using usbmgr, I don't
really know the difference), but I read the manual and didn't see
anything helpfull regarding my problem.

2. I want to export my display on anothre computer. On the server
running X, I issued the following command: "xhost +", and on the client,
when I launch an application, like "xterm -display server:0", I get this
error message: "xterl Xt error: Can't open display: server:0".
Isn't it odd since my X server is supposed to accept connections from
any host ?

Thanks in advance for your help in those 2 problems.

ps: I hope you understood my questions because of my poor English.

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