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paralel cable


I've just succeded installing PotatoR6 on an old laptop (486/66, 8MB RAM, 510 HDD).

I've installed base system using floppies ... uff, it was pain.
Then I coppied debs of vim and mc to next floppies and installed
vim and mc using dpkg -i . It took me about 3 hours.
50MB off HDD is used now ... sounds good.

I'd like to add more packages but not using floppies anymore.

The notebook does not have network card, either modem. So I have
to use parallel cable and connect it to my "big" machine.

And here comes my questions:
What to setup, config and run on notebook and big machine
to be able to on the notebook then simply type

apt-get install ....

If this task is too hard to do, it would also fine if I could
downloaded debs on my big machine transfer using paralel cable
to notebook.

		Thanks in advices, Mirek

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