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Re: console based word processors

On Fri, May 10, 2002 at 10:37:16PM -0500, Bryan K. Walton wrote:
| Does anyone have any recommendations for a good linux console based word
| processor? 


For less sophisticated output management


| What I am looking for is a consoled based word processor
| similar to something like Wordstar or the early versions of MS Word or
| and WordPerfect.

Nope.  I don't know of any sort of WYSIWYG tool for the console.  The
console, by definition practically, is plain-text.  That kind of
excludes WYSIWYG.

| I need a program that supports underlining text, tabbing, bold text,
| etc. for typing research papers. 


| I would rather not be forced to move to Abiword or Openoffice if I
| can help it.  I saw a program called "Joe" but haven't looked into
| that much.  Anyone have any other suggestions?

AFAIK Joe is just another text editor.  You can use it to write LaTeX
or troff source just like you can use vim or emacs.  I'm a vim fan
myself.  I've learned the basics of LaTeX and use it for writing
reports.  I'd like to learn troff someday and then decide which is
better :-) but haven't done that yet.



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