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Re: KMail Crash - Please Help

On Monday 06 May 2002 11:40 pm, Addis Perez wrote:
> I do not know if there is another way of verifying which packages
> have been installed.  Keep in mind, I am using kernel 2.4.17.
Then let me enlighten you ;-)

dpkg --get-selections | grep libqt

will likely get most of them.  There may be others with names that don't have 
"lib" and "qt" together, so you may have to play with the grep command.

There are a few commands that should be burned into every debian admin's 
monitor.  Among them are:

apt-cache search  <somestring>  -- find packages with somestring in 
dpkg --get-selections  -- show the state of all packages that have been 
installed (even subsequently removed ones).

> On Monday 06 May 2002 12:36 pm, Jatin Golani wrote:
> > Could you please tell me which qt library packages you
> > have installed. I just recently saw packages like
> > libqt2-mt (multi threaded version of qt)...do u have
> > that installed? I'd appreciate if u could tell me all
> > the qt library related packages you have installed.

BOFH excuse #157:

Incorrect time syncronization

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