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Re: Procedure to set/install xfs filesystem for debian LINUX

Thus spake Deepak Kotian last Sat, May 04, 2002 at 12:19:20AM +0530:
> Hi,
> Could someone please tell the Procedure to set/install xfs filesystem for debian LINUX ?
> I would like to make a xfs file system on my debian LINUX box. Please let me know if some
> has an idea, how to do it ?
> The kernel, which I am using is 2.4.18 upgraded from 2.2.19. I  tried sgi.com for xfs, but could not get the downloadables over there.
There's a HOWTO here (Linux-XFS Howto) available in the Linux 
Documentation Project. Basically, you'll need to do some filesystem 
shuffling here (you can't do a painless conversion ala Ext2 -> Ext3)
as well as install an XFS-enabled kernel.

I'd suggest you grab the CVS version of the XFS-patched Linux kernel 
from oss.sgi.com/projects/xfs. You can build the XFS tools as well as 
the kernel from there.

Paolo Alexis Falcone
Philippine Free Network Group

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