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Re: ogle and audio volume

On Friday 03 May 2002 13:25, Leonardo Canducci wrote:
> > Xine 9.9 has menu support.  Or try adding xine-dvdnav for older versions.
> ok. but current xine version for woody is 0.9.8 and anyway I would like
> ogle to work. i tried xine with 4d4 and dvdnav. played well but no menus
> in 0.9.8. i don't remember if volume was too low - like I'm experiencing
> with ogle - or not. is audio ok with xine and dvd?

I experienced the same problem with ogle, and was unable to solve it,
although I have to admit I didn't try so hard.

Xine's audio is quite nice and clear, and works at proper volume.

debian unstable
SB Live!
xine 0.9.9-2  w/ d5d plugin

On both Ogle and Xine I noticed strange behaviour when resizing playback
windows...  resizing them up worked as expected, but resizing them below 1:1
resulted in cropped output.

- Dan

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