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[Announce] OpenOffice.org-1.0.0


We now have Openoffice.org packages for debian on i386 and and powerpc.
These are currently the only supported linux architectures. I saw, that
someone is working on ports on sparc, alpha and IRIX, but it will take some

Openoffice.org 1.0 was announced yesterday, and we already have .debs
available for i386.  Building on powerpc takes longer, so they will be ready
in the next day or so.

The sources and .debs are now available from three sources.  The master
server is at Moscow State University, and we now have a fast mirror in
Germany, thanks to the guys at vpn-junkies.de!   A slower source at
Sourceforge is also available.

You can get openoffice.org and the needed files, libstlport4.5gcc3 for i386
and libstlport4.0 for powerpc, by adding one of the following lines to your

	deb http://www.mx1.ru/~chris/openoffice unstable main contrib
	deb ftp://ftp.vpn-junkies.de/openoffice unstable main contrib
	deb http://apt-proxy.sf.net/openoffice unstable main contrib

Sources are also available from these servers (replace deb with deb-src).

If you are using apt-proxy (maintained by one of our team!), you can
configure it to pick up openoffice packages like this:

  add_backend /openoffice/ $APT_PROXY_CACHE/openoffice/ http://www.mx1.ru/~chris/openoffice/
  deb http://SERVERNAME:9999/openoffice unstable main contrib
You can participate in development by getting the debian-directory for
openoffice.org from here:

	export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@island.po.cs.msu.su:/var/lib/cvs
	cvs login 
	<empty password>
 	cvs co oo-deb

CVS commits are mailed to the debian-openoffice mailing list, so you can
follow our development and comment there.

If you are planning on building openoffice.org more than once, we recommend
the use of ccache (apt-get install ccache).  This reduces the build time
from 10 hours to 4 on i386 on the second and subsequent builds.  To activate
use of ccache during the build, set the environment variable
DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=ccache before you build.

If you have issues, please mail them to debian-openoffice, so we can
discuss them! :)

What has been done:

We have packages for debian on i386 and powerpc. I hope, alpha/sparc and
perhaps MIPS will follow once they are supported upstream.  The dependency
bugs are fixed and the sort in the MANIFEST-File, but there is much to do!

01. Port OpenOffice.org on powerpc to gcc3. In the module bridges there is
    assembly code, which has not yet been ported to gcc3. I talked to Kevin
    B. Hendricks, the whoswho of OpenOffice.org on powerpc, and he told me,
    that he does not plan to do the port for gcc 3.0.4 and is concentrating
    on being ready for gcc 3.1. I will help him.

02. We have a report about ugly fonts after installation. We have not yet
    investigated this problem to find a fix.
    We need to look at SAL_FONT_PATH variable.
03. Where should the configuration files go?
    Tim Wheeler pointed out, that the splash screen should be disabled.
    Showing the splashscreen couses a high load on his computer (Athlon
    1.2GHz). In this issue he asks about the location of the
    config-files. They should be saved global in /etc. sofficerc is in
    /usr/lib/openoffice.org/program is a kandidate for /etc/openoffice.
    The name of the dir in /etc could be changed to openoffice.org :)
    I'm not really sure that it is splashscreen that makes a load. --Nidd.

04. Tim Wheeler also mentioned:
    I had to add /usr/lib/openoffice/program to /etc/ld.so.conf so that i
    could run spadmin (to add fonts).  i couldn't find a wrapper/link to
    We will fix this when we start looking at the file locations.  Most files
    are still in their default locations as installed by openoffice setup.
    Many of these locations are not correct for a Debian system and are not
    necessarily FHS compliant.

    You can work around this by running spadmin like this:

    LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/openoffice/program /usr/lib/openoffice/program/spadmin.bin

05. OpenOffice.org ready for debian main?

    Peter Novodvorski is working on patches for two problems that will let
    OpenOffice.org be put into main. The problems we have are two
    build dependencies: Java 1.3.1 and libgcpl0. Both packages
    are non-free, which means that currently OpenOffice.org can only be
    uploaded to contrib.  Since Openoffice.org is due to release 1.0 in the
    next week or so, we will not be able to get rid of these in time for the
    release.  Hopefully it will be possible to announce Openoffice.org for
    main soon :)
    gpc patch is already in CVS --Nidd.
    it is in the 1.0 .deb :) --Chris

07. Upload OpenOffice.org to debian experimental?

    If we decide to upload OpenOffice.org to experimental, we have the
    advantage of the debian-BTS for handling bugs.  But we are not ready to
    do this yet.
    So, please, if you have some reports, bugs or issues, mail them to

08. Problems with setup
    The openoffice script tries to start setup if it has not already been
    run, but this fails if a previous version was already installed.  If you
    have problems, please check that you do not have any old installations
    around, and delete ~/.sversionrc. 
    Will work on this. --Nidd.

09. Other languages.  See http://lang.openoffice.org
    There is simple support for building .debs for other supported languages
    by changing the language number in debian/scripts/vars:
    Change 01 to the country code for the language that you wish to build
    for, e.g. 49 for German, then rebuild the deb.
    We need to improve this process so that several languages can be built at
    once, and .debs with different names generated.
    You also need to edit /etc/openoffice/autoresponse.conf and change
    LAGUAGELIST=01 to your language code.

11. Problems with S3 Savage chip
    If you are running XFree86 4.x and have an S3 Savage chip, you must use
    this workaround.  Export this variable before starting openoffice:
    export SAL_DO_NOT_USE_INVERT50

    If you do not do this, OOo will not work and the Xserver will eventually
    hang.  If you are very unlucky, the machine must be _powered off_ and
    rebooted to clear the problem!

    Alternatively, you can install XFree86 4.2, or update the driver to
    version 1.1.20 or above from:

12. KDE/GNOME integration
    The desktop integration has not yet been done.  The files are not put
    into the correct places yet.
    Setup wants to put files in ~/.kde2, which does not exist on Debian
    systems.  You can get rid of the ugly error message with:
    ln -s .kde .kde2

    But this has the disadvantage that setup will copy files into ~/.kde for
    every user, which is a waste of disk space.

13. ODBC libraries
    It was pointed out that OOo possibly looks for libodbc.so, which is only
    available in the lib*-dev package.  This needs to be tested. 

14. Breaking up openoffice.org?
    The package is currently the biggest in Debian to date!  We will look at
    breaking the package into smaller pieces, but there will probably still
    be quite a large openoffice.org-core package (100-180MB unpacked?) that is
    needed whichever application is installed.

15. libstlport4.5
    On i386 architecture, the libstlport shared library that is needed for
    Openoffice.org must be compiled with gcc 3, due to the ABI change.  This
    library is available from the apt archive, too.  Currently, this
    conflicts with the libstlport built with gcc 2.95, which means you cannot
    install Openoffice.org and packages that depend on libstlport4.5
    (libboost-xxx).  We need to change the soname for this library.        

This list can be found in /usr/share/doc/openoffice.org/TODO.debian.gz


		Debian OpenOffice Team 

One time, you all will be emulated by linux!

Jan- Hendrik Palic
E-Mail: "palic@billgotchy.de"

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