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Re: sanitizer w/ postfix

On Tue, 2002-04-30 at 14:42, Roach, Mark R. wrote:
> Does anyone on this list have sanitizer working with postfix? I am
> trying to move my exchange server out of the DMZ and put a debian box in
> between it and the world.

OK, sorry for replying to myself, but here is some info for future
googlers (credit due to Kevin Fleming for his ldap config)

Exim seems to be much easier to set up in this fashion

I set local_domains to the list of domains I want sent to exchange

Then I created this director (the ldap stuff is to look up the user in
exchange's ldap directory so that we can bounce bad messages

  driver = smartuser
  transport = remote_smtp_filtered
  condition = "${lookup ldap {ldap://exchserver/ou=site,o=org,c=US?cn?sub? \
                 (| \
                  (mail=${quote_ldap:$local_part@$domain}) \
		  (rfc822mailbox=${quote_ldap:smtp\\$$local_part@$domain}) \
                 )} {$value} fail } \

and this is the transport I use

  driver = smtp
  hosts = exchserver
  gethostbyname = true
  transport_filter = /usr/bin/sanitizer

hopefully this is useful to someone somewhere :)


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