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Apt from behind a firewall

I am trying to use apt-get from behind a firewall but am not sure exactly
how to set up the apt.conf file. When I normally ftp to a site outside the
firewall the procedure is as follows:

ftp uuu.vvv.www.xx
userid: ftp@firewallid@uuu.vvv.www.xx
passwd: johan@fskdjvdw.puk.ac.za@firewallpasswd

(1) Should I copy the ftp part of the example in /usr/doc/apt/examples to
my /etc/apt.conf file?

(2) What is the meaning of the two proxy entries in the ftp part?

(3) Which user and passwd entries should I use? There are two sets. And
should I use it in the same way as when I normally ftp to a server outside
the firewall? 

(4) What else should I do?

(5) Using 2.2r6


Johan van der Walt

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