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Re: how to create a link of another directory in home directory ...2

On Sat, Apr 27, 2002 at 07:32:15PM -0700, faisal gillani wrote:
|  what is the diffrence between a symbolic & a hard link ? 

One (symlink) is a pointer to the filename.  It can point to
directories and can cross filesystem boundaries.

The other (hard link) is a second name that refers to the same inode.
It can't refer to a directory or cross fs boundaries.

If you have 2 hard links to an inode, removing one doesn't remove the

If you have a symlink to another "file" (which is a hard link to an
inode), removing the symlink has no effect on the file and removing
the file leaves a dangling symlink.

Files are stored in inodes with the first being a list of all the
successive ones (basically).  Directories are inodes that list the
names and starting inode of all the files in the directory.  This is
getting into the details of how a unix filesystem is implemented.
Find a good book on fs or OS design and study it :-).



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