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Re: Does Debian handle kernel threads?

On Fri, Apr 26, 2002 at 03:59:45PM +0800, louie@noc.chikka.com wrote:
| Well one more thing, whats the default threads that a default debian
| can handle or shall i say linux can handle? i know how to increase
| it on 2.4.x kernels on other distro it supports adjusting on sysctl,
| but how about on 2.2.x kernels?

sysctl is the same regardless of distro.

I don't know what linux' limit is, but I know that linux maps threads
onto lightweight processes.  That is why you see many "instances" of
galeon-bin or xmms in ps or top even though it is only running once.

There are also "green" threads.  These threads are implemented in user
space by libraries and operate within a single kernel-space thread.
For an explanation of the difference between these see the
documentation on java and multi-processor machines.



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