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Re: Has anyone used the debian CD , which comes oreilly book

on Wed, Apr 24, 2002, dkotian3@vsnl.net (dkotian3@vsnl.net) wrote:
> Hi, 
> Has anyone used the debian CD , which comes oreilly book.
> Title of the Book is : Learning Debian GNU/Linux.
> By Bill McCarty 


Neither the book nor the disk are particularly good, though I managed an
install from it long, long ago.

> The book is also online now, but can someone tell the version of
> Kernel present on the CD, which comes along with book.  If the version
> is 	Kernel 2.4.17 based or later.Then I may buy the book for the
> sake of CD only.

There are better sources for CDs.  LinuxCentral and Cheapbytes are two
that come to mind.

You don't *need* to install from CD, and I've done a dozen or so Debian
systems over a modem.

I'd recommend the purchased disk route.  You can find them, with
shipping, for ~$10 in the US.

> Reason I am doing it , because it takes time to download from.
> http://www.linuxiso.org/distro.php?distro=4 for i386.
> It is about 650 MB, the download speed is very low for me as bad.
> Buying the book with CD, would be a better thing. Or else I have
> to search for vendor, who has the knowledge of the kernel version,etc.

I'd discourage your inclination.


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