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Re: install debian 2.2.x on ciryx166Mhz 32 MRam EDO???

    "bernard" == bernard bertrand <nanard_bis@caramail.com> writes:

    bernard> Hello, I want install debian on old computer
    bernard> mother board asus with Ciryx 166Mhz and 32MRam EDO.
    bernard> Perhaps this 32MRam EDO is not sufficient for this
    bernard> debian????  Help me please?

I have Debian Woody on a 120 Mhz/48Mb Pentium system. It works fine as
a basic Linux system, but it's not a great choice for building kernels
or anything. What do you plan on doing with it?

How much hard disk do you have? Last I checked it took a little under
250 Mb to install a basic system (nothing from tasksel).


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