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Re: sendmail half-works (more data)

On Thu, 25 Apr 2002, dman wrote:

> | It sounds like linuxconf has severely fscked your setup !
> Hmm, I'm not too surprised by that.  I know linuxconf works on RH[1],
> but I haven't heard much about it on Debian.  In fact, it wrote
> /etc/conf.modules on that woody (but 2.2 kernel) system!

Its been a long time since I looked at the RH setup, and then it was
8.10 or so... I doubt linuxconf knows about newer sendmail setups ;(

> If I did that I'd install exim instead.  The other admin uses
> linuxconf on RH to manage sendmail.  I don't want to learn a new
> turing-complete language just to deliver mail!

No need to, sendmail.mc is fairly trivial these days...  no need
to learn rewriting rules unless you're a masochist!

> However, could you send me a detailed description of your sendmail
> system?  Things like 'ls -l' on all sendmail files and spools, etc.
> That way I can compare it to this system and see what went wrong.  At
> least I could (maybe) manually correct it and/or submit a bug report
> to the linuxconf people.

you might be able to get by with running
it (and the toys it calls) will reset almost all priviledges.

If that doesn't work for you, send me a note & we'll get 'er going.

Rick Nelson
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