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CD for temporary Debian Installations.

I use Debian on my own PC, but am also obliged to move round and use other PCs at work where I can not install Linux to other people's harddisk.  I can use use whatever I want while working on these machines though.  So what I need is a boot CD which will run a Debian session (or other distribution if Debian is not available in this way).  

Most of my work is server based, so I can do 75% of what I need with an assigned a dynamically assigned IP address, ssh client, web browser operating over a proxy server (so XF86 & some windows manager), FTP & vim.  

I noticed Demo-Linux (http://www.demolinux.org/en/versions/version-debian.html or http://www.demolinux.org/en/versions/version3.html) is Debian-based and seems to do as I request.  Has anyone used this?  Are there other / better projects I should consider?

Thank you,


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