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Re: how to get debconf or whoever to leave my ntp.conf alone

On Tuesday 23 April 2002 12:05 pm, Joey Hess wrote:
> John Covici wrote:
> > I have found that whenever ntp-simple is upgraded my ntp.conf server
> > lines get erased -- I would like to tell debconf or whatever program
> > is trying to be so helpful not to mess with my ntp.conf -- this is
> > Linux after all not some other os, so anyone have an idea of how to
> > do this?
> I strobgly sugest you file a bug; debian packages should not behave in
> this fashion at all.

I strongly suggest that software installation and software configuration
are two distinctly separate tasks, and while the former should be handled
by apt/dpkg, the latter should be left to the discretion of the sysadmin
(pref. with an option to enable auto-configuration on a per-package basis).

The bug is in apt/dpkg.

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