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Suspending laptop screws up servers

I usually run my old Dell laptop all-day, and then suspend it during
nights. Unfortunately, the last couple of months, this gives me some

1. The general "volume" of the sound goes down to zero, shutting off
   sound, after I wake the computer up, although this is not the way it's
   specified in my aumixrc.

2. All the cron-stuff (like the scripts in cron.daily and cron.weekly)
   never get run after the first time. It seems like the system never
   conclude it's been a day (or a week, etc) since last time it last run.
   So the scripts run the first time I start up the computer, but never
   after it's been suspended.

These two things used to work, which is why I'm a bit confused. Does
anybody have an idea where I should start looking? I don't know much about
what is affected by the APM functions.



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