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hosed /var directory

Help! My /var directory got hosed and I don't know how to recover it!

/var is on its own partition and sonehow the superblock got trashed
while visiting a Flash-heavy web site.  My system froze and I had to do
a cold reboot.  I want to blame Netscape, but it's possible my swap file
(a separate disk) stopped working and I supposed that resulted  in
corrupted data. I didn't know what else to do, so I reformatted that
partition and lost everything on it.

X doesn't have the correct keymapping anymore (i.e. backspace doesn't
work, and I couldn't figure out how to use xmodmap to fix it);
I can't use apt-get or dselect because the status file doesn't exist
I don't know what else mat be broken...

I really need someone to help me fix this. I couldn't find any
information (maybe I didn't know how yo search for it...) on this

Thanks in advace for your help!

-Corinna Schuktz

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