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Re: Linux on Walmart's systemless computers

Grant Edwards <grante@visi.com> writes:
> On Fri, Apr 12, 2002 at 08:11:38PM -0700, Paul 'Baloo' Johnson wrote:
> > But then again, do you *really* want to buy a computer from the evil
> > empire?
> Bill Gates is selling computers now?
> Aside from those video game things?
> I bet the tech support department at Wall Mart is really
> top-notch!

But there might be a warranty - if the hard disk drive crashes or
gives you any problems within 90 days (I'm guessing) take it back and
walk out with a brand new machine. 

I just looked at the Athalon machine for $498 and I think it's a
pretty good deal, especially if a warranty is involed. Even if you
build one from scratch the pricing is about the same. I recently
priced components for a new system and it ended up being about $500
without monitor. It would make a nice server.


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