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Re: URGENT: Please help !

On Thursday 01 January 1970 01:00, FFF wrote:
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> Hi,
> My sytem is stucked it starts ok, mounts the drives and starts the
> processes in init2 but when it starts samba smb, it GET's DEAD the
> cursor stops blinking and I can do nothing, What can I do ??
> I restarted several times it does fsck on the drives, mounts them and
> then again when it gets to samba , DEAD !!!

You can start to disable the starting of samba in /etc/rc.d/ booting in 
single mode and then you should boot successfully (if the problem is only 
samba) and you can investigate the problem.
Ah, check your date setting: I see your e-mail coming from 1970 :)

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