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I am an absolute beginner (hadn't touched Linux two weeks ago). My brother has installed Debian (kernel 2.2.19) on a partition of my laptop. I am trying to get X going, and through some research found that I need XFree86 4.1 for it to work with my LCD screen. He gave me a CD with xfree86-common_4.1.0-14pre15v3_all.deb on it. I have tried to install this package with no success:

'Bad CD, Your CD drive was detected but it does not seem to have a Debian CD in it.'
(I presume this is a Debian CD as he made it on a Linux machine)

#apt-cdrom add
'Scanning disc for index files..Found 0 package indexes & 0 source indexes E. Unable to locate any package files, perhaps this is not a Debian Disc'

I also copied the file to the partition (actually into /usr/X11R6/bin) and did the following:
#dpkg --install xfree86-common....deb
'Preparing to replace xfree86-common...'
'Setting up'
'Installing new version of config file'
(seems alright but:)
#XFree86 -version
'XFree86 Version 4.0a / X Window System'
(indicating to me that the previous 4.0a version is still in place)(Is there a difference between XFree86 and XFree86-common?)(X still won't work after this)

I also tried dselect, choosing APT Acquisition, accidentally overwriting the sources list I already had (sort that out another day), and put
file:/etc/X11R6/bin/xfree....deb stable non-free
onto the list.  On update, it responded with
'Err file:stable/non-free Packages
   File not found'
(followed by a full screen of errors, ending in)
'Information about 0 packages was updated'

SO. I have come to the end of the limited number of options I can find in the FAQs, HOWTOs and Google searches. I subscribed to the Debian-user group, but saw nothing there (or in the archives) that might help me. I don't have a dialup going in Linux (still stuck with M$) so can't use any ftp sites. Can someone please enlighten me? I'm an absolute beginner and know nothing of the OS, apart from what I've struggled with trying to get this going in the last few weeks. Forgive me if this is a FAQ. I hope its something simple. Thank you in anticipation. Tim

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