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Re: wipe off hard disk?

hi ya fti

no...  if one wanted to ... you can always recover data from the disk
if you have the time and $$$ ... that you really wanna see whats on it
	- get a sledge hammer to make "glass pieces" for the fun of it..
	and than melt it back to molten glass .. than you are 99%
	sure that data is not recoverable
	( they already snooped your network before you broke the disks )

for ordinary folks... yes... the data is gone once its erased ...

lots of various ways for secure erasing...

something simple like:

	while ( 1 ) {
	dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/hdb count=4096
	# let it run overnight...

c ya

On Fri, 5 Apr 2002, fti International wrote:

> As follow-up to my previous posted question.
> I have two moer questions for everyone.
> 1.  Do the existing non-linux partition on hard disk affect the linux
>      partition during the installation?
> 2.  Nomatter what the answer for 1 is,  is there a way to "wipe off"
>     the hard disk?  I mena to make the hard disk as a new, never-used
>     one?
> Any input is appreciated. 
> Cong Xing  

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