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Re: this list or another

On Fri, 2002-04-05 at 20:11, adam wrote:
> Hi all,
> Now, I'm not criticising this list (debian-user), but I find myself deleting
> messages from this list that I haven't even had time to read the subject of
> ! So I'm wondering if anyone knows of a debian-user/admin list that runs the
> same sort of policy.
The problem is "why bother?" - a lot of the value of this list lies in
the vast array of expertise and opinions.  The wheat and chaff come in
one huge blizzard.

The downside to this is volume of messages.  I just unsubscribed from
Gentoo user which has 600 or so subscribers.  Thats a good size as
almost every topic has a lurker who knows that topic, posts only on that
topic and is usually right on the money.  Debian-user seems a lot
busier...every problem posted gets at least 2 and often 4 replies all of
which are spot on. And there seems a lot more users but I have no idea
how many subscribers there are.

Its my experience that if you want help, it comes within 60 minutes of
posting a plea for help.  If you want to help, just read posts with
subjects that interest you.  As a rule of thumb, don't read anything
over 48 hours old unless you really have time to spare. I delete them
because debian kindly archives them on the website.

Which is a long way of saying that there are not any other debian-lists
that will meet your needs...



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