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Re: Help I've deleted everything unde /var/cache/apt

Sorry let me correct meself slightly  [:-)]

The directories contain downloaded files and two binary files which are lists of files that have been downloaded. The lists of available packages are stored in /var/lib/apt/lists so you just need to recreate the directories, the 'apt-get update' command is not needed.

Jason Chambers wrote:
Try re-creating the follwoing paths and the run 'apt-get update':

The directory contains (or should I say contained!) the downloaded .deb files that have been installed along with lists of whats available on the servers, which is why you need to run 'apt-get update' to regenerate those lists...

Pat Colbeck wrote:

I know I've been dumb but I deleted everytning uder /var/cache/apt.
Is there a tool to rebuild my system as apt is now totally broken.




Jason Chambers (jason.chambers@ntlworld.com)

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