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Re: security updates for testing distibution

Can one switch back to stable without reinstalling the whole?

Probably not. But you don't want to, woody will be soon!

Just keep saying it, woody will be soon...

woody will be soon...

eventually, we'll convince ourselves that it is true ;-)

Seriously --- we now have under 100 RC bugs in testing. That's probably less than we have in potato. We are closing them faster than opening them. Woody will be soon.

Just change the 'testing' to 'woody' in your sources, then you will stay with woody. Which will be stable soon. But after that happens, change it back to "stable"

[ And, btw, getting security fixes into testing is now very important,
  because security problems are RC bugs. I think the security people
  might even be helping, there was some discussion of this. ]

And if I say "woody will be soon" enough times, I'll probably delude myself into believing it ;-)

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