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Re: Debian boot without X?

On 03-Apr-2002 Mathias Vingaard wrote:
> Hello.
> I have just installed my debian. While I experiment with different
> configurations I would like to boot up without X. Is there a text file I can
> edit in order to disable automatic start up of X? 
> I have tried to look in /etc/inittab but nothing there seemed to have
> anything to do with X.

just dpkg --purge xdm thereby removing the xdm daemon.

> Regarding configuration of X: My Logitech Marbleman is connected to the
> serial port via an PS2->serial adapter. What is wrong when I can use graphic
> login but I am unable to move the cursor in X? 

you may need to tell X you have a logitech mouse or maybe a PS/2 mouse.  Then
be sure to set the mouse device as /dev/ttyS0 or maybe 1.  0 is com1, 1 is
com2, etc.

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