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install-info directions confusing

I've been trying to decipher the necessary syntax for intall-info.

`man install-info' and  `info install-info' have different opinions
about how it works.

`info install-info' says point blank that:
   `install-info some.info dir'  will install some.info entry in dir and
   even create dir if necessary.

When I run that command, I get `too many arguments'

I tried many many other combos, specifying names with the long options

I can write to the default /usr/info/dir  all right but cannot find a
way to generate a dir file.

So to get to the point here, I'm trying to do this:

cd to a hand built package `tramp'  and make a dir file in its texi
directory to point the reader at.  I don't want to put it in the
default site wide /usr/info/dir

so in /usr/local/tramp/texi
I want to insert /usr/local/tramp/texi/tramp.info into 

I don't want to create `dir' by hand.  install-info is supposed to be
able to create it for me.

For a one time deal, I know how to get the job done by hand but want
to let the tools do the work.

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